Serbian Orthodox Church Calendar
April 2007

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Common Year 2007, April (30 days), 15th Great Indiction

6th Sunday of Great Lent - Palm Sunday
Sun119 Mar Entrance of our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem - PALM SUNDAY
Mon220 Mar Venerable Fathers of the Monastery of St. Sabbas, John, Sergius, Patricius and others, Martyrs
Thu321 Mar Venerable James, the Confessor
Wed422 Mar St. Basil of Ancyra, Hieromartyr; St. Isaac of Constantinople
Thu523 Mar Great and Holy Thursday
Fri624 Mar Great and Holy Friday
Sat725 Mar Great and Holy Saturday; ANNUNCIATION of our Most Holy Lady Theotokos (Mother of God)
Bright Sunday - Feast of Feasts
Mon927 Mar Bright Monday
Thu1028 Mar Bright Tuesday
Wed1129 Mar St. Mark, Martyr
Thu1230 Mar Venerable John of Sinai
Fri1331 Mar St. Innocent, Apostle to America; Venerable Hipatius of Gangra
Sat141 Apr APRIL - Venerable Mother Mery of Egypt
2nd Sunday after Pascha - of St. Thomas
Sun152 Apr Venerable Titus, the Mirracle Maker
Mon163 Apr Venerable Nikita, the Confessor
Thu174 Apr Venerable Joseph, the Hymnographer
Wed185 Apr Sts. Agathopodes and Theodulos, Martyrs
Thu196 Apr St. Eutychius of Constantinople; Venerable Gregory
Fri207 Apr Venerable George of Mitylene, the Confessor
Sat218 Apr Sts. Herodion, Agabus, Rufus and others, Apostles
3rd Sunday after Pascha - of Myrrhbearers
Sun229 Apr St. Eupsychius, Martyr
Mon2310 Apr Sts. Terence, Popmius and others, Martyrs
Thu2411 Apr St. Antipas of Pergamos, Hieromartyr
Wed2512 Apr Venerable Basil, the Confessor
Thu2613 Apr St. Artemon of Laodicea, Hieromartyr and Companions
Fri2714 Apr St. Martin, the Confessor
Sat2815 Apr Sts. Aristarchus, Pudo and Trophimus of the 70 Apostles
4th Sunday after Pascha - of the Paralytic
Sun2916 Apr Sts. Agape, Irena and Chionia, Virgin-Martyrs
Mon3017 Apr St. Simeon of Persia, Hieromartyr; Sts. Acacius and Zosimos, Martyrs

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