Serbian Orthodox Church Calendar
February 2007

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Common Year 2007, February (28 days), 15th Great Indiction

Thu119 Jan Venerable Macarius the Great of Egypt; St. Mark of Ephesus
Fri220 Jan Venerable Euthenius the Great
Sat321 Jan Venerable Maximus the Confessor; Sts. Neophite and Agnes
Sunday of Prodigal Son
Sun422 Jan St. Timothy the Apostle; Venerable Anastasium Martyr
Mon523 Jan St. Clement, Hieromartyr of Ancyra etc.
Thu624 Jan Venerable Xenia of Rome
Wed725 Jan St. Gregory the Theologian
Thu826 Jan Venerable Xenophont and Mary
Fri927 Jan Translation of Relics of St. John Chrysostom
Sat1028 Jan Venerable Ephrem the Syrian - All Souls Day
Meat-Fare Sunday
Sun1129 Jan Translation of the Relics of St. Ignatius the God-Bearer of Antioch
Mon1230 Jan Synaxis of the Three Holy Hierarchs
Thu1331 Jan Sts. Cyrus and John, Unmercenaries
Wed141 Feb FEBRUARY - St. Tryphon, Martyr (Antefeast of Presentation)
Thu152 Feb Meeting of or Lord in the Temple - Presentation
Fri163 Feb Sts. Simeon and Anna; St. Jakov, Archbishop of Serbia
Sat174 Feb Venerable Isidore of Pelusium; St. Joseph
Cheese-Fare Sunday
Sun185 Feb St. Agatha, Martyr; St. Polevkt
Mon196 Feb St. Photius; St. Bukol of Smyrna (Apodosis of the Presentation); Great Lent Begins
Thu207 Feb St. Parthenius of Lampsacus
Wed218 Feb St. Theodor Stratilat; St. Sava II of Serbia
Thu229 Feb St. Nicephorus of Antioch, Martyr
Fri2310 Feb St. Charalampus, Hieromartyr; Venerable Prochorus Kievan
Sat2411 Feb St. Blaise, Hieromartyr; St. George Kratovac, Great Martyr
1st Sunday of Great Lent - of Orthodoxy
Sun2512 Feb St. Meletius of Antioch; St. Alexis of Moscow
Mon2613 Feb Venerable Simeon the Myrrhflowing (Stevan Nemanja)
Thu2714 Feb Venerable Auxentius; St. Cyril, Enlightener of the Slavs
Wed2815 Feb St. Onesimus Apostle; Venerable Eusebius the Recluse

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