Serbian Orthodox Church Calendar
June 2007

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Common Year 2007, June (30 days), 15th Great Indiction

Fri119 May St. Patrick of Prussia, Hieromartyr
Sat220 May St. Thellaleus, Martyr; Venerable Stephen of Piper
1st Sunday after Pentecost - all Saints
Sun321 May Sts. Tzar Constantine and Tzarina Helen; Venerable Jelena of Decani
Mon422 May St. Bescilicus, Martyr; St. John Vladimir of Serbia, Martyr; Apostles Fast Begins
Thu523 May St. Michael the Confessor
Wed624 May Venerable Simeon Stylite of the Mount of Wonders
Thu725 May Third finding of the Head of St. John the Baptist
Fri826 May St. Carpus the Apostle
Sat927 May St. Therapont of Sardis, Hieromartyr
2nd Sunday after Pentecost
Sun1028 May Venerable Nicetas, the Confessor
Mon1129 May Venerable Theodosia of Tyre, Martyr
Thu1230 May Venerable Isacius of Dalmatus
Wed1331 May St. Emas, the Apostle; St. Ermius, Martyr
Thu141 Jun JUNE - St. Justin the Philosopher, Martyr
Fri152 Jun St. Nicefor; St. Erasmo of Ohrid, Hieromartyr
Sat163 Jun St. Lucillianus and others, Martyrs
3rd Sunday after Pentecost
Sun174 Jun St. Mitrophanes; Sts. Martha and Mary, Myrrhbearers; Sts. Joanikije and Georgije, Hieromartyrs
Mon185 Jun St. Dorotheus of Tyre, Hieromartyr; Venerable Peter of Korish
Thu196 Jun Venerable Visarion and Hillarion the New of Dalatus
Wed207 Jun St. Theodotus of Ancyra, Hieromartyr
Thu218 Jun St. Theodore Statilatus, Great Martyr
Fri229 Jun St. Cyril of Alexandria
Sat2310 Jun St. Timothy of Prussia, Hieromartyr
4th Sunday after Pentecost
Sun2411 Jun St. Bartholomew and Barnabas, Apostles
Mon2512 Jun Venerable Onuphrius the Great; Venerable Peter of the Holy Mt. Athos
Thu2613 Jun St. Aquilina, Martyr; St. Triphylius of Cyprus
Wed2714 Jun St. Elisha, the Prophet; St. Methodius of Constaninople
Thu2815 Jun St. Tzar Lazarus of Serbia the Great Martyr and All Serbian Martyrs - Vidovdan; St. Amos
Fri2916 Jun St. Tychon of Amathunts the Wonderworker
Sat3017 Jun Sts. Manuel, Sabel and Ishmael, Martyrs

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